Freckled Crêpes

Freckled? Why, yes. These lovely delicate crêpes are freckled with walnuts, red raisins and almonds, among other things. You can throw in any nuts, seeds and chopped dried fruit to create cute little “freckles” in your crêpe. I think you all know by know I’m a big fan of putting the toppings in the batter (I like to be contrary, sometimes!).

60g plain flour (wholemeal or white, as you prefer)
120ml almond milk
1tsp stevia powder, or 1tbsp brown sugar, or 2 tsps maple or agave syrup
a small handful of very finely chopped raisins and nuts of your choice
1tsp vanilla essence

Combine the flour, almond milk, stevia/sugar and vanilla essence in a mixing bowl. 
To finely chop (or shred) the nuts and dried fruit, you can whizz ’em up in the blender or food processor for a few seconds, which will give them a consistency that will easily blend in the batter. Or if you want, you can chop them with a knife. Try to get them into very small pieces; chunky pieces will not allow the batter to fully spread in the pan. 
Combine the nuts and dried fruit and the batter, mix well, then pour into a hot, greased pan. Spread the batter evenly with the back of a spoon or one of these handy little things. When the bottom of your pancake is solid and a golden brown, flip it (like a pro!). Top with any fruit and extra nuts you like, and maybe some maple syrup.

I never was a big fan of nuts but I have to say that with the berries, the maple syrup and frozen banana, not to mention the crêpe, they were surprisingly good. (I recently discovered that soaking nuts destroys enzymes that may upset your stomach, and this allows your body to better digest the nuts. So go ahead and soak them for a few hours before you eat them!) All of the ingredients in this recipe came together to form a vibrant, warm mix of flavours, combining crunch and melt-in-your-mouth effect. 

The pictures have a real autumn theme going on, don’t they? That’s completely accidental but it got me thinking, maybe I should make a winter themed crêpe recipe? 🙂

Nutrition info:
One serving (one crêpe) contains 277 calories, no cholesterol, 14.8g fat (walnuts, healthy fats :), 8.4g fiber, 6.3g sugar (if made with stevia), 11.69g protein. 

One crêpe (one serving) cost me 81p to make. That does no include berries and extra nuts for toppings. 

— Clem

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