Vegan in Edinburgh

No, this is not some cruel joke. There is in fact a vegan fast food in Edinburgh. It is tucked away around the corner of a street off the Royal Mile, and it serves the biggest portions of jacket potatoes you will ever see and eat.

My Scottish friend Emily (from Em and Clem’s Vegan Kitchen) took me to her favourite city, Edinburgh, for a day of aimless but leisurely wandering around. We had decided that being vegetarian was the best we could do in the land of dairy and meat. In fact we had no hopes whatsoever of finding food that did not contain something animal. But lo and behold how two starving young girls chanced upon this quaint and somehow still quintessentially Scottish takeaway place, called The Baked Potato Shop (I know, original, right? But it serves the purpose, I guess). The server was nice on the eyes of these wary travellers, too.

That baby was a whopper. Couldn’t manage to finish both potatoes.

The Baked Potato Shop
Vegan/vegetarian food
56 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 1PB
0131 225 7572

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